About Me - Lorraine Lucas Photography

Hello, I'm Lorraine Lucas, thank you for visiting my site.  I'm a photographer of people, pets and occasionally, places.  I'm based in St Nicholas At Wade in Thanet, Kent.

About Me

I've always had a passion for photography and long before it became a commercial venture, I 'd spent many years shooting my family and friends (not literally, although it has been tempting at times!) I recently discovered that my great, great grandfather was the famous celebrity portrait photographer Napoleon Sarony, so perhaps there is something to the 'it's in the genes' theory; my feet just aren't big enough to fill such giant shoes, but I like to imagine that a touch of his talent and creative spirit managed to find its way into my bones. I enjoy all portrait photography, but children and dogs are my favourite people. Whoever I'm photographing, the shots I tend to like most are the ones between the poses, those authentic moments that exemplify a subject's uniqueness; a child lost in imaginings, unstudied moments of laughter, gravity or vulnerability. I work from my small home studio, or on location - be that at a client's home, office or out and about.  

Oscar Wilde, by Napoleon Sarony 1882